{Holiday Gift Guide} Space Chips Review (& Giveaway Ends 12/17)

Space Chips are a new intuitive building toy that allow kids and adults to explore shapes and space.
In a Space Chips set there are 3 different kinds of shapes, Triangles, Pentagons and Squares. When building with Space Chips there are Endless Possibilities.
  • Easy and intuitive to build 3D shapes
  • High quality durable material
  • Excellent play value. Learn about shapes and space and build the First 5 Drons!
  • Build your own creative 3D shapes and characters
Each box comes with 50 Space Chips and a “tips-and-tricks” product sheet where you can learn how to build the First Five Drons and cool Combo-Drons like Quacks the Duck and Salty the Crab. The Space Chips packaging has a display window that features a pre-built Space Chip 3D shape inside.
The set includes the three Space Chip shapes — Triangle, Square, and Pentagon. With a 50 piece set you can of course start by building the First Five Drons as well as many other creative and expressive Combo-Dron shapes.
More Space Chips Sets Coming Soon!
Space Chips – Space Ship
Each set comes with 22 Space Chips. In addition to letting kids build three awesome Drons, this set comes with instructions on how to build an amazing, glow-in-the-dark Space Ship which can be thrown back and forth.  After that, kids can morph the Flying Saucer into Squats the Alien. Space Chips Space Ship set is recommended for children ages 4 & up and will be available in early 2011.
I am not a very creative builder, but my husband thinks Space Chips are pretty cool.  My boys are only 2 and 3 right now so they can’t build anything more complex than a triangle, yet.  They are slowly picking up on what to do and before I know it, they will be building all the Drons and creatures.  The Space Chips are pretty thin plastic (but not so thin they break easily) that you just slide into each other.  It is pretty amazing over what you can build with them, so far I haven’t built anything fantastic yet.  Inside this kit you receive 50 pieces – 32Traingles, 6 Sqaures, and 12 Pentagons.  Each is brightly colored and really there is no wrong way to slide them together.  I think this is a great starter set and was glad to hear they are coming out with more Chips Sets, since the more the better!  The recommend ages are 6 and up and once you get the hang of how to build, it is relatively easy.  Really the possibilities are endless over what you can build with them.
(My work as a beginner!)
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