hairfree Flat Brush and Round Brush Review (& Giveaway Ends 11/29)

Are you tired of frying your hair just to get a smooth, silky, sexy finish?  Forget those expensive high heat flat/curling irons that damage your hair!  Now there is a viable alternative called hairfreé® the new revolutionary brushes that will give your hair that same smooth, silky finish without the burning damaging effects!  hairfreé® brushes use the latest in ceramic technology to produce straight, soft, manageable results!  What’s more hairfreé® brushes are only fraction of the cost of those expensive flat/curling irons and come with a 30 day money back guarantee! If for any reason you are not satisfied with the results after using hairfreé® brushes simply return them no questions asked for your refund!
Ever since I was first pregnant, my hair has struggled.  I shed constantly so my hair brushes need to be constantly cleaned.  It doesn’t help either that I have thick curly/wavy hair.  The first thing that drew me to hairfree brushes is that they are easy to clean.   To easily clean them you just push up the plates and the hair easily comes out, then you can rinse it with soapy water if you really want to clean it (the brushes will never rust either.)  I have had brushes get so nasty that I throw them away because I can’t get them clean enough, with the hairfree brushes, they really are easy to clean and keep them clean.
The main feature though of the hairfree brushes is that they have ceramic plates so you don’t have to use a flat iron anymore.  Now you can brush your hair while blowdrying and the ceramic plates in the hairfree brush will act as a flat iron since the plates heat up.  Don’t worry they don’t get to hot to handle or require anything special.  You can either brush your hair while blowdrying, heat up the brushes by blowdrying them directly, or just using the hairfree brushes as you would any normal brush.  The bristles of the brushes are not flexible, they are hard but not uncomfortable.
I personally am not coordinated to brush my hair and blowdry at the same time.  I prefer to heat up the brushes a little bit after I blowdry my hair and I also use the flat brush just throughout the day as I normally wood.  There is also a mirror on the back of the flat brush, which is nice.  I know how terrible it is to constantly flat iron your hair so I do try to avoid it if I can.  The hairfree brushes definitely help me pass up my flat iron.
BUY IT: You can buy the hairfree brushes directly from the hairfree website.  The Round Brush is $15.95 ($3.75 S&H) and the Flat Brush is $9.95 ($3.25 S&H).
WIN IT: (1) US winner will receive both the Flat Brush and Round Brush from hairfree.

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