20 Black Friday Shopping Tips

We all know that Black Friday can offer tons of deals on holiday gift giving.

To some of us it's just the thrill of the hunt more than anything. Whether you are someone who just wants to wait till the crows subside, or if you are someone who wants to be there waiting in line at 5am, we've got some tips for you.

20 Black Friday Shopping Tips

1. Homework, homework homework. That means, do the internet searches and inserts searches for the deals.
2. Rank your deals in order of 'what you must get' to 'would be nice to get's.'
3. Is it really a deal? Or is presented to look like one? Do your searches.
4. Make a list of stops according to importance, amount of items on hand, and who opens when.
5. Never venture out alone! This is a team effort.
6. If you must stand in line, don't tick anyone off. You never know when it can come back at ya.
7. Figure out how you are going to keep your cool when everyone else is getting crazy. Keep in mind that just because you stood in line, it doesn't necessarily insure that you will get what you stood in line for.
8. Black Friday is really all about the retailer. It is their last chance to make a profit for the year and to have a successful year at that.
9. Dress appropriately. Waiting outdoors in the cold? Have plenty of blanket in the car, warm socks, boots etc. When you stand still on cement, you'll feel the cold.
10. Dress in layers. Easy peel-off may make you more efficient.
11. Don't bring your kids or anyone who may not be up for this. Animal instincts of crazed shoppers can make this not the safest environment for some.
12. If you can find a fanny pack, across the front handbag, or other handbag alternatives that you can keep close to your body, use it.
13. Charge your cell phone before you go and keep it on your body.
14. Many team shoppers will send one person to the check-out line while others dash to the items. Efficient strategy for many.
15. Be smart with your credit cards. It is easy for things to happen with all of the hoopla going on. Make sure you get yours back.
16. Consider getting a small fold wallet for your one credit card you'll be using. You can leave your main wallet with the credit cards that will not be used at home in a safe place.
17. Some items are worth the low price even if you have never heard of the manufacturer before.
18. Extended Warranties are not usually recommended. Ask if you can think about it.
19. Use a list and keep it nearby. Stick to your list. Wandering can cost you valuable time.
20. Are there items that will be at least as good of a deal on Cyber Monday? Many online retailers will be having online deals all weekend. Be sure to look for these.

See the ultimate guide with a cheat sheet on what the stores are offering and when they open!

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Redbonegirl97 said...

And prepare for someone to try to knock you down or argue with you. Happens every year to me.

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