Top 10 Reasons I love my Maclaren Techno XT {Giveaway 2 Winners!}

For two years, we have hauled around a huge double stroller and during most of that time, it worked for us. But, since Aiyana is walking more often than riding, we were in the market for a new, more compact stroller, something like the Maclaren Techno XT.
After receiving the Maclaren Techno XT that I won from Momtrends (talk about excitement!), I realized that it was exactly what we were looking for!
Anytime I purchase a large item, I wonder how many pieces are in the box, how many steps the assembly involves and whether I will actually be able to get the item assembled before one of the kiddos walks off with a few of the key pieces.
The Techno XT was love at first site because this is what I removed from the box:
maclaren in packaging
Minus the plastic, this is what remained:
Maclaren Techno XL
So what was left to do?
I simply unlatched the lever and opened my stroller. It was ready to go!
And as I continue to use it, I find more reasons to love it.
  1. Of course, the little to no assembly required.
  2. Compared to my previous stroller, this is extremely light weight. 15 pounds is lighter than most of our children weigh and we are use to lugging them around all day!
  3. This stroller is extremely easy to fold and unfold, it even latches shut by itself. And because it folds up so flat, this can actually slide right under the back seat of my truck. This is by far the most convenient feature for me. I use to put my old stroller in the back of my truck. When I knew I would not need it, I would have to lug it inside of our house. Many times, I would end up in situations where I wished I had our stroller, but it was safely stored in our front room.
  4. The foot brake can actually be operated with your foot. Yes, I was constantly having to bend over and release our previous stroller’s “foot” brake by hand, especially while wearing sandals. I love how easy this foot brake operates and yet, it is still effective.
  5. Every stroller should come equipped with adjustable handles! I am not too tall,    5′ 7″, but I have found my self hunched over some of our previous strollers. With the handles adjusted out on the Techno XT, pushing this stroller is very comfortable.
  6. Rain covers are a necessity, so why do so many companies offer them as an additional option? Maclaren’s Techno XT includes a rain cover that is easy to attach. And it conveniently fits in the back pocket of the stroller, so you will not be caught in unexpected showers without it.
  7. Keeping a stroller from getting dirty is impossible, but this stroller is easy to clean. It has a removable washable seat that makes cleaning quick and convenient.
  8. Usually, I am using the stroller outdoors so the Maclaren Techno XT’s ultimate sun visor with UV protective viewing window is important when it comes to protecting my daughter and creating a comfortable ride.
  9. I love the huge pockets for the rain cover because my wallet fits into it as well. And I use the other pocket for a small travel sized first aid kit, a few diapers and our travel case of wipies. Having these items nearby is much more convenient than digging through the undercarriage.
  10. And for my last reason, I can go on about the extendable leg rest, safety reflectors, the suspension that gives this stroller a smooth ride, or the four convenient seat positions, but I simply love how cool and sophisticated this stroller looks. The black frame with the black fabric gives it a nice sleek look.
I have had my fair share of strollers and this is by far my favorite one of all. We did the travel system, the cheapie umbrella stroller that was nearly impossible to steer and just led to frustrations. We also splurged the double Phil & Teds where the child sitting in the bottom hated the view. A good stroller is a necessity and because this one can be used from birth up, it is truly the way to go. Most new parents feel they need to by a travel system, but I honestly believe they are a waste of money. We did not keep our kids in the car seat often enough to justify keeping ours. Rather than buying a new stroller to accommodate each stage, this one is perfect for all stages.
And I am not the only one loving it, Chloe is too!


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