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The mission of SPCA International is simple but vast: to advance the safety and well-being of animals.

They accomplish this mission through both internal and outreach programs, and through our support of shelters already hard at work to benefit the animals in local communities.

These are the people who make it happen for soldiers in the Mid East to come home with their canine companions that helped make their deployment tolerable.

Shelter Programs: SPCA International shows its support at the local level every month through multiple awards of cash grants to needy shelters. This money helps the shelters improve their physical conditions, enhance their spay and neuter programs and ultimately reduce euthanasia rates.
Operation Baghdad Pups Operation Baghdad Pups Program: This program helps our troops by safely transporting the animals they befriend in the war zone home to the United States. Operation Baghdad Pups is a logistically challenging program, but it does more than save animals - it also brings comfort, peace of mind and relief to our U.S. soldiers serving overseas. SPCA International receives at least three to four new requests from soldiers, sailors and Marines every week.
SPCA Answers Program: This program serves as a hub for information and as a referral resource for animal lovers throughout the world. SPCA Answersconnects people with local shelters, helps initiate cruelty investigations, assists animal advocates throughout the world in the fight against cruelty, offers individual support for people dealing with unique situations, and much more.

Just in time for Halloween, the SPCA has free online e- cards you can check out

For more information on how you can support the SPCA

Donate: Join SPCA International’s fight in the most critical way possible. Your donations have a direct impact on our ability to continue this vital mission. Your financial contribution supports Operation Baghdad Pups, local shelters in dire need, and the education efforts that reach hundreds of thousands of people.
Join the Community: It may seem simple, but your participation in our online community will spread an important message and save lives. Take a moment tosign up and then begin to engage with others in one of our far-reaching and informative forums. Before you know it, you will find that you are connecting with like-minded people who can benefit from your know-how and passion.
Volunteer: Visit our volunteer section to learn about opportunities with SPCA International and local animal welfare organizations and shelters.
Adopt: This is one of the most vital ways you can save animals one life at a time. If you are interested in a new companion, make adoption your only choice – do not support pet stores and breeders. There are hundreds of animals of all species and breeds that need a home. You can provide them a new life filled with love.
Educate Yourself and Your Friends: Education is one of the best avenues to fight cruelty, decrease the rate of euthanasia and improve the lives of animals throughout the world. Visit our Learn section to educate yourself on a variety of issues and topics. Share what you learn with your family and friends. You also can sound off on a variety of topics in our Community section and educate our entire community.
Become a Fundraiser: Join our team and grow our mission of love and compassion. Set up an educational booth at your local fair, sign-up for a run or walk, or simply get your friends together for a house party! There are many fun and engaging ways to fundraise for this great cause. Our Fundraising Kit has all the tools and advice you may need to be successful.
Tell a Friend: Click Here to send an email or to share this page on a social networking site to tell family and friends about topics you find interesting on our website. You will be spreading the word about the important work being done to advance the well-being of animals – and increasing the support we need to continue!

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