McDonald’s Happy Meal Halloween Pails are back! (& Giveaway 5 Winners Ends 10/24)

McDonald’s Happy Meal Halloween Pails are back (for the first time since 2001!) Based on McDonald’s classic Halloween pails (you may remember from the mid-80’s), these new spookishly fun pails feature the popular Mr. Potato Head and come complete with cool stickers for decoration. The pail handles can even be removed to use as a fun, hand-held Halloween mask.
Everytime you buy a Happy Meal, a donation is made to Ronald McDonald House Charities!
Also, did you know that right now for every minute of family time you pledge, McDonald’s will donate to Ronald McDonald House Charities.  The goal is one million minutes!
I honestly don’t remember these, but I absolutely love the idea!  My boys love their McDonald’s Happy Meals and this way they something that they can really use!  (Not that they don’t love the Happy Meal toys!)  I plan on saving these pails and pulling them out every year, they don’t hold much but they sure are cute, especially with the stickers to dress up Mr. Potato Head!
WIN IT: (5) US winners will receive a two McDonald’s Happy Meal Halloween Pails and apple dippers!

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