ECOzip Bags Review & Giveaway Ends 11/10/2010

Using a plastic storage bags is a common occurrence in my house. We use them for a lot of things because they are convenient and easy to store. No bulky baskets or containers to clutter up your space. Instead I’ll put things in a storage bag and forget about it. I reuse the bags a lot when I can.
Some of the ways I’ve used plastic storage bags are:
In the kitchen:
Marinate meat and vegetables overnight.
Store spices or dry ingredients.
For sandwiches and sides in lunches
For storage:
Office supplies such as: pens, pencils, crayons, and colored pencils.
dog food
Traveling- toothpaste and toothbrush, and other personal products
Make up
I love the ECOzip bags they are so convenient. I love the fact that I can use one storage bag for 2 different things. We used them for sandwich and chips in a bag,  to marinate vegetables and meat. I used one side of the bag for my make up and another for my travel brush and comb. I put salad in one side of the bag and salad dressing in the other side.

Here are some facts about    ECOzip:
ECOzip bags are made with 20% less plastic than other baggies
They come in three sizes: Snack/ Sandwich, Quart and Gallon
All bags come with 3 zipper closures
You can buy them online for $3.99 plus shipping or  at stores for $2.99.
Now for the giveaway:
One lucky Winner will receive  a 3 pack of ECOzip bags that includes the Snack/Sandwich, Storage/Quart box and the Storage/Gallon box.

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