ShāToBu – The Workout You Wear™ Review and Giveaway

Oh lovies have I got a treat for you!!

Since I hurt my back I’ve become a bit less active and the vino is starting to collect around my middle, I just haven't known what to do about it.

For several months now I have been considering shape ware. I’ve heard good things about the little bit of support it gives to the tummy, which in turn lessens some of the stress on the back. In my pursuit of unmedicated solutions to pain relief for my back injury, I was thinking it could be a win-win situation…….smooth the lumps, tuck the rolls, hide the vino gut, and get a bit of pill free pain relief…………. it seems a worthy pursuit.

Then I stumbled upon ShāToBu – The Workout You Wear™

Body slimmers are made to help shape and slim your body but unlike other shapewear garments, ShāToBu will shape, tone and burn calories just by performing everyday activities. Scientifically developed by a board-certified female chiropractor, the benefits of ShāToBu extend far beyond ordinary shapewear.

This is what makes ShāToBu different from your standard shapewear:

1. Waistband - Designed to stay in place comfortably without rolling down.

2. Leg Bands - Non-binding leg bands stay in place and prevent marking for a smooth, flawless look.

3. Resistance Bands - provide resistance and muscle toning which leads to an increase in the amount of calories you burn.

4. High Waist - Slims and smoothes waistline for an enhanced hourglass figure. Flattens your tummy and tones muscles.

5. Gusset - Made with Coolmax, a moisture wicking cotton that will leave you cool and dry.

The science is in the resistance bands. Studies show that ShaToBu provides over 30% more resistance than traditional shapers, which causes muscle contraction and toning during daily activities such as walking or climbing stairs.

Women wearing ShaToBu increased their energy use by up to 12% during daily activities, when compared to wearing their regular undergarments.

That means I can blog and burn!! My vino belly likes the sounds of all that!

I was hesitant to try them, cause it all sounds too good to be true. I bantered back and forth with my indecisive self about a purchase for weeks!

I couldn’t make up my mind! Then ShāToBu made up my mind for me! I entered a picture contest they were having on FaceBook and won! Yay me!

I got mine last week and immediately ripped open the package to put them on (though I did wait until the UPS guy was gone)!

At first I thought “no way is my squish gonna fit in that!” They go on like pantyhose and to my surprise, my “squish” fit just fine. Admittedly, they aren’t so cute worn alone, but under any outfit there is a definite transformation; lost lumps, rolls, back fat, jiggly wiggly, and “squish” ….poof…gone! The ShāToBu shaper smoothes and mysteriously makes your problem areas vanish. From your bust line to your knees you look thinner , smoother, and dare I say sexier ………….all while burning extra calories!

The real test was when I wore them to physical therapy. I’m usually hanging out all over the place and very self-conscious of the show I’m putting on. Mostly out of sheer desperation, I sported my ShāToBu into my last session.

The results?

Not one glimpse of my unsightliness! I was delighted that they didn’t do the gut roll, they actually stayed in place!

The ShāToBu is versatile enough to wear under anything; dresses, dress pants, jeans, and even leggings.

I had just one problem with them though. When I put them on under my workout clothes, my pants were too big! I instantly lost about two inches in my mid-section and a bit in the back too!! Is that ever a bad thing?

These are absolutely going into the feel good arsenal!

BUY IT: ShāToBu can be purchased at their online store.

Retail value: $60.00

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