Reading Kingdom 1 Year Subscription Giveaway

I recently discovered a great new website called Reading Kingdom. The site is designed for ages 4-10, it’s the only fun, easy-to-use online reading program that customizes itself to your child and teaches all the skills necessary to make your child a successful reader and writer. My 4 year old daughter wants to learn to read so I thought this site would be perfect with assisting in the process.

Getting started with Reading Kingdom was quick and easy. I created an account including information about my daughter and she was off and running in no time. Immediately she was drawn in by the graphics and was anxious to start. She was given an assessment based on her age, which had her identifying images and typing letters. She enjoyed it so much that she was bummed that she had to wait an hour between sessions. She went though the initial assessment several times before she moved onto the next part. An email was generated to me telling me that she had finished the assessment and said she was ready to begin training. The training has been a little more challenging for her, but she's really learning how to use the mouse well and type letters quickly. I have received a few emails with suggestions for helping her with the process. She is actually covering a few different sections right now which outlined in the Reading Report.The little icons next to each section tell you where your child is in the process. My daughter is having so much fun with it that she doesn't pay attention to the Reading Report. She just wants to play and has learned how to set a timer for 60 mins so that she can play again. She's on her way to her reading goal through play! You can learn more about Reading Kingdom here. Don't just take my word for it, read the testimonials.

Reading Kingdom would like to offer a one year subscription to one lucky reader of Diana Rambles or Sited & Blogged and a discount to everyone. You can use coupon code SITED for 25% off a year's subscription at Reading Kingdom. That is a $200 value for only $150. You can use the same coupon code for 25% off a monthly subscription too, so instead of $19.99 you pay $14.99.

To enter this giveaway (which ends 9/15) for a one-year subscription to Reading Kingdom please visit Sited & Blogged or Diana Rambles.

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