Parking Target - Accurate Garage Parking (12 Winners) (Ends 09/24)


Parking Target

Parking Target
Car accidents in the garage occur more frequently than you might think. If you're like my family, you have a garage full of stuff. We have the recycle bin and lawnmower in front of our car and lots of yard tools, 2 bikes, flower pots, and an outdoor fireplace on either side of the car. As you can imagine, we've hit almost everything in the garage once...some things more than once. It's not that we're bad drivers, we just don't have a guide to tell us when to stop.

The Parking Target (made in the USA) is simply amazing! It provides "same place garage parking every time" without the hassle of seeing a tennis ball hanging from the wall or a sign in front of my car that says stop. It's so great because it's so simple! All you do is park your vehicle in the desired spot in the garage, mark the floor, clean the area, peel and stick the Parking Target to the floor and put pressure on it for a minute or so. Voila! You can't beat this for accurate parking every time.

Parking Target

The Parking Target is also great for stopping directly over your oil catcher. We use a piece of cardboard and I'm 99% sure that we never hit it since we're always parking too far to the left or right of it. Now, with the Parking Target in place, we haven't missed it once and I've been actually thinking of buying something to catch the dripping oil. I love this product and you will too!

NOTE: This will NOT stop your car from rolling down a hill. It is not meant to be used as a tire block or tire stopper!

If you run a business, you can get the Parking Targets made with custom labels with your company logo or name on the decals. These would make a great Trade Shows or Promotional item. I've been thinking about giving these away to my business colleagues for Christmas useful!


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(12) Grand Prize winners will receive (1) 16" long Parking Target and a FREE Set of 6 Color Decals

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