Ecozuri Forget Me Not – a Tired and True Review + Great Green Giveaway

Tired of looking like a shlump with mismatched reusable bags in the grocery store?  Looking for stylish bags that can also carry books, dry cleaning or miscellaneous items while traveling?  Then Ecozuri is for you!
We were given a complimentary FORGET ME NOT set, which we love; and now we’re giving away an Ecozuri FORGET ME NOT SET of chic, compact and versatile totes + accessories.
Zuri means “good and beautiful” in Swahili, a language spoken in East Africa – Ecozuri bags are aptly named — they’re eco smart, hip and stylish.
You’ll love the colors, feel and design of these lightweight, washable and foldable bags.  The bags are made from 100% rPET (recycled plastic bottles) that are certified collected and processed in the USA.  Each of the six bags included in the set holds up to 50 pounds.
Used individually, one easily slides into your pocket or attaches to your keychain.  Used as a set of 3 or 6 – it’s perfect for guys, women or your entire family.
Forget Me Not comes with 2 pouches.  Each pouch contains 3 bags in an array of handsome hues — orange, green and blue; gold, green and brown.  There’s a caribiner on the outside pouch that conveniently attaches to your purse, messenger bag, backpack or carryall.  If you’re famous for leaving your reusable bags in the car, there are 2 Forget Me Notreminders that you can velcro to the steering wheel:)
Prize Value:  $38.95 + free shipping to anywhere in the USA or Canada.  A socially responsible company, Ecozuri contributes 10% of their online retail sales to support schools in rural Africa and

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