BabyBjörn: Original Organic Carrier + Giveaway

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From the moment I was first pregnant, I started researching the items I’d need/want once my daughter arrived. BabyBjörn was the brand that was always consistent amongst the mommies I’d talk to. I ran off to the store and registered for their Baby Carrier Air that breathes ensuring your baby never gets too hot in the carrier. We took this baby everywhere and when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere. It was so much easier to take this versus lugging around a huge stroller, especially for things like the Pumpkin Patch to pick our pumpkins to carve before Halloween.
One of the many things I love about BabyBjörn is how they’re always changing and improving their technology, but at the same time, if something works (like my Baby Carrier Air) then stick with it. Their Baby Carrier Original is one of the top selling baby carriers out there today. That being said, BabyBjörn wanted to recreate this same great carrier using organically grown cotton. The fabric complies with the GOTS standard and 4519924779 3910f43a39 m BabyBjörn: Original Organic Carrier + Giveawayis certified in accordance withOeko-Tex, Standard 100, class 1 for baby, a health and safety certification that guarantees it is free from hazardous substances. With all of these awful scares of chemicals that your child may inhale from the world around them, I personally love that BabyBjörn has ensured that your child will never inhale anything toxic while being carried around in their carriers. They remain close to their parents chest, exactly where they want to be, but the parents arms are free to move around and do their activities while having the baby on them. My girlfriend loves to wear her Original Organic Carrier while vacuuming! I never thought I’d find another one of their carriers that I’d love more than the breathable Air, but I’m absolutely LOVING this Organic Carrier! It’s soft, comfortable and completely unisex. Doesn’t matter if you have a boy or girl or which parent uses it. It’s loverly!
I loved that we could use the BabyBjörn from the moment my daughter was born. We would face her towards us, flip the back of the carrier up to support her little head and neck and walk along the beach with her at our old place. The way that BabyBjörn is designed, it ensures that your child’s arms and legs are physiologically in the correct position. Once they’re a wee bit older and have control over their head and neck you can flip the front down flip them around to see the world around them. The BabyBjörn Original Organic Carrier is appropriate for newborns 8 lbs to 25 lbs.


Head over to BabyBjörn and check out their line of carriers, especially the Original Organic Carrier. There’s a reason they’ve been one of the top selling carriers for so long, so whatcha waiting for? Go get one!
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