$25 Aldi Gift Card Giveaway – 5 Winners!

I have never been an Aldi shopper, but lately they’ve really been piquing my interest. I have heard more and more positive things about them – particularly in the last year. People report their prices being lower overall, the staff being extremely helpful, and the stores well stocked. I have heard that they have fantastic quality in fresh fish, their everyday milk price is lower than their competitor sale prices, and that they are the only place to go to pick up candy bars at regular price. And these reports are coming from many different people! I mentioned Aldi to a few friends and family members in the last week and all of them told me that they shopped their regularly. Why didn’t I know that??
Now Aldi has come out with a new One Week Challenge – Try shopping them for one week and see the savings. Let them go head to head with your grocery store! They don’t accept coupons, but with Aldi’s everyday prices, you shouldn’t need them. Compare your receipts from your usual grocery store with your Aldi receipts and see how much lower their prices really are.
They say that if you only buy store brands at your local grocery store and only buy the store brands at Aldi, you’ll save approximately $1,996.80 per year. That’s a lot of money!
To get the Couponing For 4 readers started on their One Week Challenge, Aldi is giving away a $25 Aldi gift certificate to 5 lucky winners!

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