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New Leaf
Back in June, I had to head out of town for a business meeting and I wasn't able to make it to the 2010 Fancy Food Show. I had high hopes on this event for this year and was a bit sad about not being able to make it! One of the best parts about this event is the variety of food and beverages that are featured. Not only is the food and beverage out of this world, the awesomeness of some companies such as New Leaf and their "Defenders of Taste" really grab my attention too! I mean, how cool would it have been to be at this event and to have seen these two people shown below? I would have loved it! I enjoy funny things like this!

New Leaf

As you can see, New Leaf Brands is a genius when it comes to their marketing antics. They are also geniuses when it comes to their teas and lemonades too! I love the fact that they have white, black, green, and blue tea along with some amazing lemonades! I have to say that my favorite was their Half-and-Half Iced Tea/Lemonade concoction called 'Tiger'. It's a wonderfully delicious product sweetened with pure organic cane sugar...nothing fake about it!

New Leaf

I couldn't resist adding the picture of all of their teas/lemonades to this makes my mouth water every time I see it! Luckily for me, I can quench this thirst by opening my on the other hand, need to enter this giveaway to quench your thirst! Enter the giveaway now and don't forget the extra entries!


Win It!

(1) Grand Prize Winner will receive two cases of New Leaf Brands Tea and Lemonade! This is a total of 24 bottles of New Leaf Tea and Lemonade...WOW!!!
  • One Case of Iced Teas (12 bottles)
  • One Case of Lemonades (a variety of 12 bottles)

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