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Here at Baba's Farm Life we are all about healthy eating and preparedness. A huge part of both of those is growing your own garden to feed your family so you know exactly where your food comes from and what's in it. When Hometown Seeds asked me to review their Survival Seeds and offer my readers a giveaway I was thrilled to do it!
We put in a garden every year for our family because we know just how important healthy eating is.  Even more so with all of the e-coli scares that have occurred over the past few years with store bought vegetables.  It just made us want to grow our own food that much more.   Hometown Seeds provides Survival Seed packages to thousands of customers every year.  Those happy customers know they're getting 100% non-hybrid, non-GMO seeds to use in their gardening efforts or to store away for an emergency when food may become scarce on the shelves of supermarkets.  It's not an impossibility that the same thing could happen here in the US like it has in countless other countries.  Especially with our economy on a downward slide.
Hometown Seeds sent me their Survival Seed package containing over 22,000 seeds and includes 16 open pollinated varieties of garden seeds in a resealable triple layered mylar package.  This Survival Seed package would run over $123. if you purchased them separately from your local garden seed outlet, but Hometown Seeds sells this generous package of Survival Seeds for only $39.99!  You can store this seed package on a shelf in a cool dark dry place in your home for up to 5 years minimum or even up to 10 years if you store them in your freezer!  Now that's being prepared!  Hometown  Seeds offer many varieties of seed packages depending on your needs.  We stored our Survival Seeds in our freezer so we'll have them when an emergency arises.  It's great knowing they will be there when we really need them.
The great thing about these non-hybrid seeds is once  you grow your garden you can collect the seeds and store them away for another years garden use!  You can't do that with the hybrid seeds you see in the stores.  That's why getting non-hybrid seed is so important.  What kind of seeds are in the Survival Seed package?  Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion, Golden Bantem Sweet Corn, Romaine Paris Island Cos Lettuce, Golden Acre Cabbage, Rutgers Tomato, Long Green Improved Cucumber, Scarlet Nantes Carrots, Bloomsdale Longstanding Spinach, Waltham Butternut Winter Squash, Black Beauty Zucchini, LucullusSwiss Chard, Champion Radish, Yolo Wonder Pepper, Kentucky Wonder Brown Pole Bean, Detroit Dark Red Beets, & Lincoln Peas!  Everything you need to start a fabulous garden growing to feed the family. 
Win It!  Hometown Seeds is generously giving one of my readers their own Survival Seed package with over 22,000 seeds!  To Enter:  Visit Hometown Seeds and take a look around and tell me something else you discovered about Hometown Seeds.  Be sure to include a valid email address in you comment or have it readily available in your profile so that I can contact you if you are the winner.  Sorry, US entries only.
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