Closer to Lucy: Win ME Time!

Most of us carry within our roles as homemaker extraordinaire the responsibilities of being, chauffeur, chef, personal assistant, psychologist, life coach, stylist, Santa Clause, Easter Bunny, tutor, muse, backbone, arm candy, playmate, companion, cheerleader, babysitter, advocate, errand girl (or guy), and a thousand other of those "duties as assigned".............It’s just what we do.

The trouble with being so amazing is that everyone wants a piece of you, the more marvelous you are the bigger the portion. It’s not always easy being so spectacular! Feeling a bit pulled from time to time, unappreciated, haggard, or just plain all used up would be understatements.

In celebration of Closer to Lucy’s Blogiversary I wanted to stay in line with my personal philosophy of  mandatory “Me Time.” I can’t ship you wine or ante up for a day at the spa, but I will give one of you a five minute timeout.

If you recall a few weeks ago I featured a “me time” BOWTeaquilibrium. I have since experienced the joy of “Black to Green and All in Between” and can personally say that I found a steaming moment of respite in my mug. 

Because “me time” and “their time” is a balancing act I’ve selected their Balancing Herbals for this giveaway.

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