Michael Season’s “Feel Good Snacking” Review (& Giveaway Ends 8/9)

After trying out organic farming, Michael Season developed one of the largest natural food distributorships in the U.S. He quickly realized there was a market for healthy, additive-free foods so he created the Michael Season’s Thin & Crispy Potato Chips.  There are six delicious flavors of Thin & Crispy Potato Chips available:  Lightly Salted, Ripple, Unsalted, Honey Barbecue, Salt & Pepper, and Mediterranean.
Michael Season’s also produces Baked Potato Chips, Puffs & Curls, and Baked Multigrain Chips.  (Read my review here of the other flavors I tried out last year.)  All the Michael Season’s products are especially great for people with allergies because of all their great benefits!
No trans fat
No preservatives
No artificial colors or flavors
Wheat and Gluten free
All natural ingredients
No hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils
The newest flavor of Michael Season’s Thin & Crispy potato chips is Mediterranean and after I got the chance to try them, I can definitely say Michael Season’s has done it again!  As I was sampling them I realized I had eaten a good portion of the bag already!  They are awesome!  They are a little thicker than regular chips, which I like because they don’t break as easily, but they are not hard at all.  Basically these chips melt in your mouth, especially while you are savoring the seasonings on the chips!  I can’t describe the taste, as it is light but definitely flavorful.  Not spicy or plain, but rich in flavor.  I especially love that they are healthier than what I would probably be normally snacking on!  Even though this chips are all-natural and don’t contain all the fat and preservatives other brands do, they are delicious and a great replacement for healthier snacking!
Just to show too how popular Michael Season’s chips are, they were even featured as on the Rachel Ray show as “Snack of the Day” this past May!  Oh and did I mention they are affordable too – at about $3 a bag!  Looking for 100 calorie packs – they have those too!
Michael Season’s captures the flavors of the Mediterranean!  We start with select potatoes and add a combination of garlic, onion, oregano, rosemary & basil.  Take pleasure in our all natural potato chips!
BUY IT: You can buy Michael Season’s online or find them at most health & natural food stores including:  Whole Foods, Kroger, Safeway, Roundy’s, Publix or Amazon!
GIVEAWAY:  (1) winner will receive a Michael Season’s tote filled with chips!
WIN IT:  Comment on which Michael Season’s flavor you’d like you to first!


Anonymous said...

I would love to try the honey barbeque first! Then everything else
sounds delicious!


romig41281 said...

Definitely would want to try the Honey Barbecue first!!! kimmymay03@yahoo.com

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