iTunes App Review: My Living Stories (& $25 iTunes Gift Card Giveaway US/CAN Ends 8/6) #MyLivingStories

My Living Stories apps combine beautiful artwork, narration and interactive features in an easy to use platform that is perfect for preschoolers to read along all on their own, without any help.  My Living Stories are a great solution for entertaining on-the-go or as an aid for teaching children to read at home. The apps allow for your child to read along with English narration or read the stories themselves.  Interactive sounds and animation bring stories to life.  Another great feature is the ability to record your own voice to go along with the story (this feature requires an iPhone or iPod Touch with microphone capabilities).
My Living Story classic stories include:
Princess & the Pea
King Midas
The Tortoise & the Hare,
Little Red Riding Hood
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Okay so I am no stranger to iPhone Apps as my husband has an iPhone and I have an iPod Touch.  I honestly cannot imagine not having them now, how did I survive without this little touch screen device before?  I mainly check my email, Facebook and play a few games, but the big reason I have it is for my sanity.  Yes I am a mom who lets her child play with her iPod Touch, yes it stops tantrums, keeps him quiet, and now educates him!  In the beginning he watched videos and tapped around, but now there are so many apps out there that really are helpful for children.
I started out just downloading every app I could find for my son, but now I admit I am a little bit more selective as I want there to be some type of educational aspect to the app.  I still have some cheesy games on it (Spongebob) but I like the apps where he has to match items, letters, shapes, work on puzzles, and anything else that makes him think.  I think it is especially important in the summertime as kids can forget a lot and with Apps at least they are having fun and learning at the same time!
Lately, my son has really started to like books.  He still only likes me to read to him before bed, but on the iPod he loves to look and listen to book Apps.  I was excited when I got the chance to review a few of the My Living Stories interactive stories as they feature both new stories and classics I grew up with!  These Apps are adorable books that have come to life.  They are super easy for kids to navigate and I really love that there is an arrow in the corner to flip the page as my 2 year old hasn’t quite grasped the page turning but can tap the arrow to go forward.  The stories are bright, colorful, and within each page is a spot you can touch where something will make a sound or move.  It is especially cute because we have read Tortoise and the Hare at home and now my sons can read it on the go without dragging books with.  It is super nice to have a good selection of books at the touch of my fingertips!  We haven’t yet recorded a story with our own voices yet, but I can’t wait to try that on my husbands iPhone as I think my sons will really get a kick out of it!  This would also be perfect for a grandparent or other loved one to record so your child can hear their voice anytime.
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