Buzz Away Extreme Natural Mosquito Repellent Review (& Giveaway Ends 7/27)

Buzz Away products come in both a spray, and towelettes (wipes) which are great for use on babies and small children. Plus they fit in your pocket if you’re not in the mood to carry a bottle around. Indeed, once you check out Buzz Away you’ll see why our slogan is “Natural Products That Make a Difference.”
Buzz Away Extreme – Protects for Hours! 4 oz.
Our new Buzz Away Extreme is the most powerful natural mosquito repellent available. This DEET-free formula, in the spray bottle or handy towelette wipe, combines our essential plant oils with soy bean and geranium oil for the longest lasting natural protection available. Our mosquito repellent works for up to 4 hours against mosquitoes, up to 2.5 hours on ticks, and also repels fleas, gnats and flies. Non-greasy, pleasant aroma, great for families. Fisherman – did you know DEET repellents repel fish too? It’s true – but not Buzz Away.
  • Up to 4 Hour Protection from Mosquitoes
  • Up to 2 1/2 hours Protection from Ticks
  • The Buzz Away Extreme Formula repelled mosquitoes for up to 8.5 hours
    in USDA test.
  • University of Guelph found the Buzz Away Extreme formula to be 92% effective after 3 hours (Compared to Off! Skintastic’s 79%).
Okay so I am used to using a spray and this spray bottle works great.  I was outside for a few hours and didn’t notice any bites.  I will say though that it leaves a smell on your skin, like a clean bug spray smell.  After a while it is not so strong, but at first it is a little overpowering – maybe though that is the trick to keeping the mosquitos away.
Buzz Away Extreme Towlettes, 12 or 50 ct.
These wipe-on Buzz Away Extreme Towelettes in 12 and 50 count boxes are great for any situation – easy to use on children, and eco-friendly. The towelettes are 100% deet-free and use the same formula as the spray. It’s packaged in handy travel packs – perfect for pockets, purses, backpacks and tackle boxes.
These wipes were perfect to keep in my purse for traveling, but like most wipe packets they would get lost in the bottom of my diaper bag!  As far as effectiveness though, they work great and made it especially easy to wipe down my kids.
Buzz Away Extreme Towlette Pop Ups – 25 ct.
Same great formula as our regular towelettes but in this ultra convenient baby wipe style dispenser. Pull ‘em out one a time apply this gentle formula to your exposed skin. Easy to use on children, and eco-friendly. The towelettes are 100% DEET-free and use the same formula as the spray.
I love this product the most, because it is small enough to carry with me, but contains enough for the whole family.  It is also of course just as effective!  I love that the wipes just pop up so I don’t have wrappers and it makes it easy to rub all over my family and I.  The wipes in general are great for faces and necks, although if you are worried about being bit through your clothes then you would want to use the Spray also.
Okay around my house we have tons of mosquitoes before we have undeveloped land behind us that is full of trees.  So we have mosquitoes as well as all sorts of bugs.  Whenever we are outside here we each probably get at least 2 mosquito bites and my 2-year-old gets tons.  One night he got five on his forehead, I felt so bad for him!  Now I know I should spray them with mosquito repellent and I do but I hate to put too many chemicals on them and I do forget sometimes, who knew mosquitoes would be out at lunchtime?
Well now thanks to Buzz Away I don’t have to worry as much about spraying chemicals on my kids as it is a chemical-free natural product that is still effective.  I especially love that it works for up to 4 hours which is perfect for a few hours of playing.  Overall, I was pleased with all three Buzz Away Extreme products I tried.  They all did their jobs and each had its convenience factor.  We did try this a few times outside and didn’t get bites, but of course I can’t say for sure if it will work every time and in every area.  I do love though that it is a natural product, but I do wish the smell wasn’t so strong.
BUY IT: Check out the Store Locator to see where you can buy Buzz Away products (only use first 4 digits of zip code).  In my area I can find them at Whole Foods and Vitamin Shoppe.
GIVEAWAY: (1) winner will receive the Buzz Away Extreme Towelettes – 25 ct.  

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