Book Review: “Greek: Double Date (Harlequin Teen)” (& Giveaway US/CAN Ends 8/9)

By Marsha Warner192 Pages (Paperback)
Date Published: May 1, 2010
GREEK: Double Date features an all-new storyline that goes beyond the primetime soap with the same characters fans have grown to love.
  • Since its network debut in July 2007, Greek has reached nearly 24 million total viewers.
  • GREEK: Double Date is a quick, captivating beach read for teens of all ages and fans of the show. ABC Family currently draws a highly literate teen audience with approximately 82% reading books, other than for school purposes, as a leisure activity.
  • Greek is ABC Family’s longest-running original series currently on the air and has consistently been a Top 5 hit with teens in its basic cable time period. Check your local listings as Greek will be returning soon for its fourth season!
  • Get an inside look at the social minefield that is the Greek system at one fictional Midwestern college, Cyprus-Rhodes University.
  • Three more Greek books are set to release in August 2010, November 2010 and February 2011.
Two dates – same night! Major oops. When Casey Cartwright’s brother begs her to be nerdy Dale Kettlewell’s date to the sure-to-be-boring Honors Engineering Awards, Casey says yes. Even though Dale is totally not her type… and might have a crush on her. Ugh. But it’s a nice thing to do, and Casey’s always been the “nice” girl.
But now, that night conflicts with the biggest event of the semester, the All-Greek formal. Casey already has a date lined up: hot transfer student Rob Howell. He’s her plan to get over her sexy-slacker ex, Cappie. And even nice girls get to be bad sometimes, right?
What to do? With a little help from BFF Ashleigh, unwanted advice from frenemy Rebecca Logan and even a push from Cappie, what Casey does may surprise even herself.
Okay so I have never seen the show “Greek” but since it is on ABC Family I knew it would be family-appropriate but still fun.  The book definitely has me curious about the show now!  The book is a very quick read and since it is paperback it is easy to carry around and read at the beach, in bed, or wherever.  I thought this book was cute and I didn’t feel lost at all without seeing the show as the book does a good job of introducing characters.  The story is about a sorority girl who is so nice she agrees to be her brother’s roomate’s date to an Engineering Awards ceremony, well due to an emergency the ceremony gets switched to the night of the All Greek Formal where Casey has a date with a hot new guy.  Casey is too nice and juggles everything smoothly, all while reminiscing about her past boyfriends.  It is not at all an inappropriate book, just typical guy drama.  I don’t even recall any making out or anything outrageous that would be typical Greek life.  Basically what I am trying to say is that it is save for young girls to read as there is nothing “R” rated, although it does refer to an incident of the one boyfriend was caught having sex with another girl.  I did find it to be a quick read and even though I am past my college days and wasn’t a sorority sister, I still liked the book and am eagerly awaiting the next book in the series to come out!
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