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There has been  a lot of talk lately about “good bacteria”. Of course, we tend to hear about that bad bacteria.  Lactobacillus GG is said to be a “good bacteria”- that is it the “good” bacteria strain used to restore and maintain a healthy balance in the digestive system. You know, where the bloating and discomfort comes from.
I just found out from one of my readers that Culturelle® is the only probiotic dietary supplement containing Lactobacillus GG. Culturelle works by using  special sticky powers (thanks to the clinically-proven probiotic Lactobacillus GG) to help good bacteria adhere to the intestinal walls, where they can live strong and promote proper digestive function and put a stop to the gas, bloating and discomfort caused by too much bad bacteria.
So I guess…we can love bacteria….
Here’s the scoop...
My reader who sent me all of this information wants me to give away 2 t-shirts
to help spread the word to everyone. Culturelle

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