{Father’s Day Gift Idea} Powermat Wireless Charging Review (& Giveaway Ends 7/5)

Getting your gear ready to charge on a Powermat is easy!
Simply attach a Powermat Receiver to your device or use the Powercube Universal Receiver. The Powercube works with hundreds of devices and is the perfect accessory for your Powermat.
Then choose a Mat. With many Mats to choose from, you can select the one that is right for your charging needs.
Then it’s as easy as drop & charge.

Powermat Home & Office Mat

This amazing charging solution simultaneously charges up to three POWERMAT ENABLED devices (plus one USB power port). Works with all Powermat Receivers. Adjustable sound and light indications give feedback that charging is occurring while a small magnetic pull ensures perfect alignment and optimal charging efficiency.

Portable Mat

This charging solution charges up to three POWERMAT-ENABLED devices simultaneously (plus one USB power port) and easily folds and stores in the included case for travel. Adjustable sound and light indications give feedback that charging is occurring and magnetic alignment ensures perfect alignment and optimal charging efficiency.
Both Include:
Powercube Universal Receiver with 8 tips – Powercube is the perfect accessory to your mat. Charge hundreds of devices on your Powermat Mat with this universal charging solution.
Power Adapter (100-240VAC) – The Powermat power adapter will work with a wide range of voltages (100-240VAC) making it truly international. This adapter also meets Energy Star level 5 efficiency efficiency requirements. Built-in cord management keeps your charging area clean and neat.
Ever since I became a stay at home mom, I have become terrible at charging any of my multimedia devices.  Cell phone – dead, iPod Touch – dead, Nintendo DS – dead. Yes I know it is as simple as plugging them in but I forget and then if they are plugged in, I forget to grab them to use them!  I have even tried leaving chargers in my kitchen, but then I hated the mess of cords.
Well now thanks to Powermat I can go somewhat cord-free and have an easy and have a quick way to charge my devices.  I received two different Powermats to try out and a few receivers for my devices, and they are all so nice!
Both Powermats do pretty much the same thing and come with the Powercube and charge up to 3 devices.  The difference is that the Portable Mat can fold up and comes with a magnetic case to store it in.  I personally like that one better because you can use it for both home and travel use since it folds up, while the Home & Office Mat is a long mat that you would probably keep on a desk or somewhere.  Otherwise though it is nice to use either while at home.
Honestly at first I thought it would be a waste to have to buy the mat and then the receiver cases for each device (i.e. phone, game system, iPod…) but since the Powermat receiver works as a case for your device so you don’t have to spend the money buying a case.  I will say too that it is super nice to just lay my iPod Touch right on the mat, rather than plugging it into my computer.  I can also charge my devices now all together in my kitchen for example rather than my phone in my bedroom, iPod in my office, and such.  Basically the Powermat is a convenient way to charge my devices and I find that I am no longer letting my items die, as they are going right on the charger at night or during the day.
It is a pain if you don’t want to use the Receiver case for your device, like if you already have a case you like or don’t like that the Receiver cases are a little heavier than your used to.  I actually don’t mind the case on my iPod Touch but my husband prefers the case he already has and just uses the Powercube tip.  The Powercube can charge over one thousand devices including digital books, certain Kodak cameras, Bluetooth headsets, handheld game consoles, portable navigation systems, most cell phones and more.  It basically takes the place of buying a receiver case, so if you just have the Powermat then you can at least charge items without having to buy additional equipment (i.e.  receiver cases).  You will though have to attach one of the Powermat tips to your device.
Laying items on the Powermat is as easy as 1-2-3 and it magnetically aligns for efficient charging, sometimes faster than your original power adapter!  You can charge one item or up to three (with a fourth device being able to be charged via USB port on the mat).  It also automatically shuts off when your device reaches full charge to save energy.
Overall, I would recommend the Powermat for people that have a lot of devices and want a way to quick and easy way to charge them together.  I think the Powermats would also be awesome for families who own maybe a bunch of iPods/iPhones as everyone can just lay them on the mat rather than fight over the computer USB ports.  You can also buy special Receiver cases for Blackberry phones and Nintendo DS/DSi.  I also have the DSi case and it too makes charging in between playing it much easier than plugging it in.  I have left the receiver case on it.
BUY IT: You can check out the Powermat Home & Office Mat and the Powermat Portable Mat for $79.99 each.  You can also check out all the additional accessories and other Powermats available at thePowermat website, Target, Staples, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, and more.  You can also find the Powermat items at Amazon.
GIVEAWAY: (1) winner will win a portable Powermat and the iPod Dock!  The iPod Dock works with all Apple® handheld devices, adjustable to fit devices from iPod nano™ to iPhone™ except iPod Shuffle.  ($112 Value)

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