Fashion Playtes “Where Girls Are Fashion Designers” Review (& Giveaway Ends 7/8)

Fashion Playtes was created by a women who designed her own clothes as a child with her mother sewing them for her.  Fast forward to her own 7-year daughter designing clothes, and Fashion Playtes was born.  It is a company where girls can create something unique and through that build their confidence and self-esteem.  It gives tween girls an opportunity to design clothing and have it produced to wear at a reasonable price.
As a young girl, I loved sketching out designs and dressing up my Barbie dolls, but I never acted on them.  I know I would have loved Fashion Playtes, and that is how I knew my 12-year old sister would love Fashion Playtes.  First off, it is hard to find clothes that are unique or custom, especially affordable.  My sister says that all the girls shop at two stores in the mall and they all have the same clothes, that sounds pretty boring to me!  So when I told her she could design a shirt of her own she was excited.
First visiting Fashion Playtes, I can tell it was going to be fun and user friendly.  I sat aside my sister as she designed her shirt and first she had to decide what she was going to create.  There are different styles of shirts, dresses, skirts, pants, and more to choose from.  My sister choose a basic V-neck shirt called The Jane and from there she starting choosing the color, underlayer, and embellishments.  There are ribbons, embroidered designs, rhinestones, and pages and pages of other cool additions!
As you choose something to add it tells you how much it is going to be and it is easy to add or delete.  There are no surprises with the price and it is really easy to use.  My sister customized her shirt for $30 but you can definitely customize one cheaper or even be more extravagant.  I think these would be especially fun for special events or even for parties!
BUY IT: You can customize your own creation at Fashion Playtes using the coupon code “ savers10“ for $10 off
GIVEAWAY: (1) winner will receive a $20 Gift Certificate to Fashion Playtes

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