BUILT NY: laptop sleeves (giveaway)

   While searching on various websites for the perfect case for my new 17 inch laptop, Built NY’s neoprene laptop cases kept popping up.  There are not many good looking options for 17 inch laptop cases out there so I was happy to discover what Built NY had to offer.  Their Cargo Laptop Sleeve for 15-17″ laptops was a perfect fit for me.  With minimal space where I live I didn’t need a large briefcase type of carrier and the pockets on the front of this Cargo Sleeve were perfect for toting the power cord, my small digital camera and my external wireless modem.  Having my laptop protected in this case allows me to carry it everywhere I go.  I can carry it in any large fashionable bag I own, even my diaper bag.  If you own a smaller laptop there are even more options to choose from.
cargo laptop sleeve 16 17 R 3 BUILT NY: laptop sleeves (giveaway)
Built also offers an even wider selection of bags and cases for almost everything.  Cases for your iPad, camera, camcorders, hard drives, and netbooks.  Bags for toting wine, your lunch, and groceries.  They even offer a full sized diaper bag!  The neoprene fabric used in all of Built NY’s cases and bags are great for insulating your lunch and keeping your produce crisp until you get it home not to mention it’s thick and stretchy properties for keeping your laptop cozy and out of harms way.
GIVEAWAY: BUILT NY is offering one laptop sleeve to fit your laptop!  Colors and styles will vary depending on stock and the size of your laptop.  Visit BUILT NY’s website and comment here on which laptop sleeve or other product you like.

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