STRIDER PREbike Review & Giveaway (Ends 5/31)

Riding a two-wheel bike is not an easy task for many children.  I actually didn’t learn until I was around ten years old (not sure why) but really balancing on two wheels can be easily mastered in a few weeks.  Until now, there really wasn’t a product on the market to help kids master balancing on two wheels. STRIDER bikes are not just a PREbike, but a bike to get kids learning, moving and loving bikes and the outdoors!  It has a basic bike design, except there are no pedals!  So yes, kids peddle their feet all along they are learning to balance on two wheels.
It is a common notion that toddlers need to learn to pedal while learning to balance and control a bicycle, but who says it needs to be that way.  There are no extra stuff like useless brakes, kickstands or steering limitations to get in the way.  The STRIDERS durable welded steel frame and handlebars are also toddler tested to stand up to years of abuse!
To start off with a STRIDER kids 18 months old can use the Launchpad Footrest to steady themselves with adults help of course and as the child grows, the child can use the footrests as somewhere to place their feet as they glide!  Kids can ride their bike wherever their feet take them, including off-road adventures and dirt paths.  The bike is also small enough to throw in the car and take along with you!
STRIDER Features:
6.9 lbs. Total Weight
Adjustable Seat Height 11” – 19”
Adjustable Handlebar Height 20”- 22”
Maintenance Free tires (Never need air and can’t be punctured ever!)
Launchpad Footrests
CPSIA Certified Safe Paint and Parts
6 Color Options
One product for 18 months to 5+years old
For Christmas, we purchased an adorable toddler bike for Aidan.  It features his favorite character and I even purchased the matching helmet.  He hates it!  He loves the design but it is too hard for him to pedal and a little to big for him still.  He prefers every other ride-on toy we have.  Well once I opened the STRIDER bike he was instantly curious.  He grabbed his helmet and immediately jumped on it.
I was honestly skeptical at first and thought the bike was strange.  I thought the STRIDER would limit my son’s ability to learn to pedal, but then I realized that his first problem is balancing.  I think pedaling a big kid bike will come natural to him, especially without training wheels dragging him down.
We adjusted the seat since Aidan’s legs seem a little on the long side and he was off!  He went up and down the driveway gliding on his feet.  I can definitely see where the STRIDER bike will help with balance as Aidan wobbles all over but since the bike is low to the ground and he can reach it comfortably.  I absolutely feel that this bike will help with his balance and once he masters it, I know he will go right for his toddler bike without the training wheels.  I think the training wheels are part of the problem now as they don’t glide right and the bike is too high for him right now for me to remove them now.
I even see my almost 2-year-old going for it, even though he has to fight my 3 year old for it!  The bike is also light enough for Aidan to move and it does glide nicely!  Oh an assembly was a breeze, it took my husband only a few minutes.
Overall, I would recommend the STRIDER bike to any parent who wants their child to learn faster and easier how to balance on two wheels.  No more frustrated children and you child will be riding a big kid bike in no time!
BUY IT: Check out STRIDER Sports to buy one for $99.
GIVEAWAY: (1) Winner will receive a STRIDER PREbike in the color of their choice ($99 value).
WIN IT:  Comment on which color STRIDER you would choose!


Anonymous said...

Happy Mothers Day.
I would select the orange colored Strider prebike.

Thanks for hosting a neat giveaway.

Nanbon44 said...

My grand daughter would love this bike and she is a pink and purple lover so the pink bike would be perfect

MageeMommy said...

Yahooo! I'd pick the orange one too. It's my son's favorite color. :)

cindyloumagee (at) yahoo (dot) com

bison61 said...

I'd like the blue color

tiramisu392 (at)

Tami said...

My son loves green - so that is what we would choose.

anamlgrl said...

I would pick the Orange bike!

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