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By applying cutting-edge research tools, Pantene Pro-V scientists have gained a better understanding of the physical and chemical properties of hair structure.  So now there are customized hair solutions for everyone’s hair type.  Pantene realized that not everyone has the same hair type and the one-size-fits-all approach will not stand up to the toughest hair challenges.
FINE HAIR – Fine hair has up to 50% less protein than thick hair.  That can make it less durable and flexible and prone to breakage.
MEDIUM-THICK HAIR – Thick hair absorbs up to 40% more moisture than fine hair.  That leads to frizz.
CURLY HAIR – Curly hair has weakened cuticles due to the twists and turns.  This can leave hair rough and difficult to control.
COLOR-TREATED HAIR – Color-treated hair is changed at a structural level.  Its natural protective layer is removed.  This is one reason why over time your color may look dull.
Now depending on your hair type, Pantene has you covered from shampoos and conditioners to an assortment of styling products.
I received a whole kit full of all four of Pantene Customized solution samples and some hair tests to check out.  There were tests for me to experiment with to see what type of hair I have and it was fun!  I found out my hair it Medium-Thick (which was not a surprise), my Color-Treated hair is damaged, and as far as Curly goes it is between Tightly Wound to Wavy.  So basically any of the new Pantene Customized Solutions would work for me other than Fine Hair!  I have been using them and testing them out and honestly they all work great for me and I don’t notice a difference in my hair results from one solution to another, but I am pleased in general with the new Pantene line.  I think it is especially great for people who have a specific type of hair and need help.  Now for example a woman with Curly Hair can use Pantene products from start to finish and know that she is helping her weakened cuticles.
I even tried the Pantene tests out on my sisters hair and was surprised to find that her only issue is that her hair is Fine.  So now is she starts using the Pantene customized solutions for Fine hair then hopefully her hair won’t break as often and have more volume.  She really thought the experiments were fun!  I will say though that after using Pantene products, my hair does feel smoother and shinier.  I know if will not recover over night but with some Pantene dedication I am sure it will!
BUY IT: You can find Pantene Products at any drug or mass retailers or at your neighborhood Walmart store in May 2010!
FREE SAMPLE:  Check out P&G Brandsampler for Free Pantene Samples!
GIVEAWAY: (1) Winner will receive a $25 Walmart Gift Card.


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Thanks for the sample link and the giveaway!

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