Get your Squiggle on! Randomline review and GIVEAWAY!!

We have a game-loving family. You name it, we love it. I also have two artists. All you have to do is look at my walls, books, my checkbook, even the outside of the front door to see evidence of this. And while I don't like them to necessarily show their talent in all the places that they do, I love for them to show their creative sides. That is why this fun little game is absolutely PERFECT for them! has a game for everyone, educational pads, activity pads, a fast-paced dice game, and brand new games coming in June! Some other fun activities they have are the Alphabet Squiggle game, the fast paced dice game, Squiggle Connect, Squiggle shapes on the go, Squiggle Barnyard on the go and SO many more!

Win your choice of any On-the-go Activity Pad or Hurry up! Dice game!!
Just click the link below to enter!!


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