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A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was using my dated VCR to tape Exhale on Oxygen. I know that it sounded pathetic but, I was having problems waking up in time to do the entire yoga class due to daylight savings time.

One of my readers felt sorry for me and sent me some Biggest Loser DVDs to try and offer as a giveaway.

Boot Camp is led by Bob Harper. The participants in the class are former Biggest Loser contestants including the lovable winner Ali. You get to put together your own workout based on a warm-up, cool-down and three levels of work. All three levels offer a sweat-worthy workout. If you are a beginner there are always easier alternatives to the moves. If you are advanced you can follow Ali (very impressive!). Bob talks to you like he is in the room with you motivating you. For a moment you feel as if you are actually a Biggest Loser. It's a great workout(s) that will make you sweat yet, you'll look forward to coming back and doing it again.

Jillian Michael's Yoga Meltdown. I've been doing Yoga for a little over a year and the yoga that I do is meant to be done with a relaxed mind with 'bliss'. Jillian's workout is meant to burn calories so Jillian does the Yoga moves but in repetition. You'll sweat but, most likely will not find that 'bliss' in the mind. There are no Biggest Loser's on the video. Instead, there are two other females- one who does the regular moves and the other who does the advanced moves. There are also three levels of workout. And, I have to say something at Jillian's way of motivating in her usual strict yet, get the job done way. Like Bob, she talks to you at times like she is in the room with you.


Would you like to win these two workout videos?

Here is how you can enter.

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