Wilton Cupcake Products Review & Giveaway (Ends 4/18)

One company that automatically comes to my mind when I hear the word “baking” is Wilton.  Founded in 1929, Wilton is the leading food crafting company in the industry with the number one position in cake decorating, bakeware and tea kettles.  Today, Wilton Enterprises offers some of the most innovative products in baking, cake decorating, candy making, cookie making, wedding, baby, party, seasonal, kitchen and more!  Wilton just offers it all when it comes to the kitchen!
When I think of what I have, I can’t believe how much Wilton ware I have that I never realized was made by them.  I have jelly roll pans, a cupcake stand, cookie sheets, Candy Melts, a few character pans, cookie cutters, a cookie press, and mini-cake pans.  (I know I have more, but those were on the top of my head.)
Wilton just makes it easy with their products as they list what you need and offer such a variety of products.  Now I admit I am totally intimidated by their creations, as I am by no means an artist in the kitchen.  I do love though that their products work for both beginners and experts.  Wilton even has classes offered in Darien, Illinois at the Wilton Cake Decorating School or there are even local Wilton classes you can take, check here!  (I know my Michaels craft store offers it, and now that I am not so busy I am going to try to sign up soon!)  The Wilton website though offers downloadable practice sheets, lesson plans and more!
What I have noticed too is that Wilton products last.  I was at a garage sale last year and picked up some cake pans and they looked used but still had lots of life left in them and I noticed that they were about dated from the 80’s!  I also look at the pans I have used repeatedly and they don’t even look used!  One area I haven’t used before is the icings, sprinkles, or frosting tips.  I usually just slap on the frosting and spread, but I have always been jealous of the nice cakes that had the frosting piped on it and decorated.
Lucky for me, I received a few products from Wilton to check out that are perfect for a beginner like me!  I received two types of sprinkles:  Jumbo Rainbow Nonpareils and Jumbo Confetti, both of which are so much nicer than my usual dollar store sprinkles!  Next, I received a 12-piece Cupcake Decorating Set, which includes 4 tips, 8 bags and easy decorating instructions.  One of the tips is even for filling the middle of cupcakes and eclairs, which sounded so hard until now!  Finally, I received the publication (between a book and magazine) called “Cupcake Fun!”  What I love about the book is it tells you what Pan you need, Tips, Colors, Recipe Page number, and offers suggestions.  There are just so many yummy desserts in the book that I am drooling!
After playing around on the Wilton website and flipping through Cupcake Fun I don’t feel as intimidated as before and I am super excited to dive in and start baking!
BUY IT: You can find Wilton products practically everywhere or Check out the Wilton Online Store!
GIVEAWAY: (1) winner will receive “Cupcake Fun!” publication that has over 150 fun cupcake and treat ideas for all occasions; 12-piece cupcake decorating set and some jumbo sprinkles!
WIN IT:   Check out the Wilton Online Store and comment on one item you love!


Jackie said...
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Rachel McGuire said...

I love all things wilton. I especially love the pre shaped cake pans. I just recently got into cupcakes so I'm looking forward to this cookbook even if I don't win it.

Anonymous said...

I love their giant cupcake pans. I am still kicking myself, I saw one half off at Walmart last week and didn't get it. Their pans are so well made they last forever.

bison61 said...

I like the Sports Cookie Candy Mold-they are so cute the boys would love them

tiramisu392 (at) yahoo.com

Merrie L. said...

I like the Choo-Choo Train Pan Set! My son is REALLY into Thomas & Friends...I'd like to TRY to make him his next cake. lockwoodmerrie@yahoo.com

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