Verbatim Products Review & 4 GB Flash Drive Giveaway US/CAN (Ends 4/30)

When I think of Verbatim, I think of floppy disks and storage.  Well this year Verbatim is celebrating its 40th anniversary of helping others save and protect their valuable files, photos, and personal information.  They are actually the information storage pioneers and with 40 years under their belt, I think they definitely are doing something right!  Verbatim also have a huge selection now of products available all with the high quality standards that Verbatim has always offered.
Verbatim knows how easy stuff can get lost, deleted, or spilled on and they want to make sure that they can help!  So Verbatim sent me a pack of products to try out and I was impressed to say the least!
The first product I got to check out is the 4 GB TUFF-N-TINY USB flash drive ($26.99).  First off, I thought something was missing, this thing is so small!  It reminds me of a SIM card for a cell phone or a smaller version of a SD card for digital cameras.  It does though come with a lanyard to attach it to your keys, bag, or anything else.  The best part of this flash drive is that even though it is penny-thin, it is super tough.  It is designed to handle everyday use and is resistant to dust, water and static discharges.  It is also compatible with all USB flash drives.  Basically this is a 4 GB flash drive that has super hero powers!  I love too that as soon as I put it in my MAC (also Windows compatible) it was recognized and ready to be used.
Next, I received a spindle of LightScribe DVD+R discs ($19.00).  It comes in a 5 color background assortment – Green, Blue, Orange, Red, and Yellow.  What is cool about LightScribe discs is that after you burn your music, photos, home movies or other data, just flip the disc over and reinsert to burn a precise and permanent iridescent label.  I am very excited to try these out because we just got my son a computer for Christmas and it has a LightSribe DVD burner on it.  Now I just have to figure out what I want to burn onto it!  (In case you don’t know, you do need a special LightScribe DVD burner in your computer to burn labels onto these discs.  They are pretty cheap now though and some new computers already come with them installed in place of a regular DVD burner.)
Thirdly, I received a Purple Nano Wireless Mouse ($29.99 – don’t worry it is available in other colors too.)  This mouse is so cool!  Not only does it come in purple but its sleek design makes it easy to use and store.  It also has a contoured comfort grip for right or left handed users and a programmable roller button – that means you can assign your favorite features to the roller to work quicker and easier!  Finally, the best feature of all is the wireless USB transmitter that you attach to your computer so the mouse works, fits inside the back of the mouse.  Although the USB transmitter is small enough to leave plugged into your laptop and not get damaged, I love that I can store it inside the mouse so I don’t loose it!  This mouse is also the perfect size and fits in whatever you take your laptop in.  I actually tried this out on my desktop too and love it there too.
Finally, I received a 250 GB CLON Portable Hard Drive ($69.99) to check out.  The Verbatim CLON is a hard drive that is easy to use, store, and carry with you.  It easily copies and protects valuable memories and offers speed for data transfer.  I love the size of this as it easily fits into your pocket or tote and it features a black, scuff resistant surface to handle transporting it around.  For me I can never have enough extra hard drive space as it seems like I am always getting a message that we are low on hard drive space.  I am using this drive right now for backing up all of our photos and home movies.
BUY IT: You can check out all the Verbatim products at the Verbatim Website and when you want to buy one it will show the price at a handful of online stores for you to purchase from!  (Yeah for Verbatim making it easy to view price comparison!)  You can also check out Amazon or you local electronics store for Verbatim products!
GIVEAWAY: (1) winner will receive a 4 GB TUFF-N-TINY USB flash drive ($27 Value)

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