Udder Ointment (Not just for Udders!) Review & Giveaway US/CAN (Ends 4/12)

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Way back when in the Early 1900’s, Dr. Gilbert Hess, a MD and veterinarian came up with an amazing product called Udder Ointment.  With the help of J.L. Clark, an Ohio businessman, he began marketing him products to owners and farmers, which later ensured sales.  After their deaths, the company somehow got lost in the shuffle and in 1999, the production of Udder Ointment was discontinued completely.  People called and pleaded for more to be made, but not until the great granddaughter of J.L. Clark stepped in did it make its comeback.  Polly Tribe just couldn’t let Udder Ointment disappear completely so she started a company and began re-manufacturing Udder Ointment, and added in Udder Ointment for Baby Butts and Udder Stick healing lip balm.
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Now before I used Udder Ointment, I read some reviews and I have never seen more dedicated customers.  The reviews were all glowing and many used Udder Ointment for as long as they can remember,  it is just one of those products that people seem to use almost religiously!
I of course now was curious about this product called Udder Ointment and had to know what all the fuss was about.  Well it is pretty fabulous!  Udder Ointment contains 13 skin moisturizers as well as a blood circulating and oxygenating ingredient, Menthyl Salicylate.  It even contains a few antibacterial agents.  When you first put Udder Ointment on, it does feel greasy as it is heavily based in Lanolin and contains petrolatum (same as Vaseline and is the only non-natural ingredient in Udder Ointment), but it soaks into your skin pretty quickly.
Screen shot 2010-03-14 at 2.30.18 PMThe reason Udder Ointment works so well is that it also contains an ingredient, which opens skin pores to allow the 13 moisturizers to enter deep into the skin and begin the healing process.  Udder Ointment is great for Dry Skin, Hands, Chapped Kips, Burns, Abrasions, Athletic Chafing and Cracked Cuticles, although, I read reviews of people using it to heal and soothe practically anything and everything!  It does have a minty smell, which didn’t bother me, but it is definitely not fragrance free.
Screen shot 2010-03-14 at 2.30.33 PMNow that winter is almost over, my son’s eczema is going away, but I can’t wait to try Udder Ointment on him next winter when the harsh Chicago weather dries up and irritates his skin.  I think this product is great though no matter the weather, as even washing dishes can dry out your hands and with some Udder Ointment, at least my hands felt soft and smooth again!  In case you are wondering Udder Ointment is basically a white cream, just like a lotion, that you just rub in.
I also tried out the Dr. Hess Udder Ointment Baby Butts for Diaper Rash on my sons, and it seems great, especially for moms looking for a soothing ointment with natural ingredients.  The Udder Stick is also an awesome lip balm for dry and chapped lips as it heals and protects your lips.  You can also find Udder Ointment on Facebook!
BUY IT: Check out the Udder Ointment website to start shopping and you can Request a Free Sample of Dr. Hess Udder Ointment (you just have to pay the $.98 shipping and handling)
GIVEAWAY: One winner will receive a tube of Udder Ointment, 1 tube of Baby Butts, and 4 Udder Sticks Lip Balm.

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