BioGaia Probiotics Review & Giveaway (Ends 4/18)

A healthy digestive and immune system is especially important for babies and toddlers.  Since their bodies are still developing and growing, kids need all the help they can get! BioGaia is the world leader in probiotics.  Now even though probiotics sounds scary, they are actually a live friendly bacteria that are good for your health.  They work by balancing out your digestive and immune system.
BioGaia comes in three different varieties:  Probiotic drops, tablets and straw.  All of them are safe and convenient ways of slipping your kids the help they need.  The Probiotic are also show to significantly reduce symptoms of colic, and are ideal for infants and toddlers because they can be added to a liquid like juice or water.  The chewable tablets are easy to slip in with meals, my sons think they are candy!  The straws are also a treat for them because they feel like big kids drinking their milk with straws.
  • The first probiotic chewable tablet
  • Scientifically documented to reduce antibiotic-associated side-effects
  • Clinically proven to improve digestive health and function
  • Completely safe for both children and adults
  • Convenient to take wherever and whenever wanted
  • Fresh, sugar-free lemon taste
  • Can be chewed, swallowed, or melted in mouth by children and adults ages 2 and up
  • The first probiotic available in drop form
  • Completely safe for both infants and children
  • Clinically proven to reduce colic in infants
  • Clinically documented to improve digestive health and function and to boost immunity
  • Convenient and simple to give to infants and children
  • Do not affect breast-feeding or the taste of food
  • The first probiotic straw
  • Clinically documented to improve gut and immune health
  • Completely safe for both children and adults
  • Simple way to stay healthy
  • Does not affect the taste of the beverage
I tried out all three varieties with my boys and they did not mind them at all.  Nothing bothered them and all three seemed fine.  Now I can’t tell you that it is changing them or exactly working, but they are two healthy boys right now!  I figure too it is not hurting them and in the long run it is helping them by boosting their immunity and improving their digestive health. I like how simple they all are to use and it is great that they offer different varieties since not every kid can handle pills or uses straws, while others prefer those varieties.
BUY IT: You can print out a form to give to your pharmacist so they can order it for you if they don’t have it (no prescription is needed), order online, or call a toll free number.  (I have been told by the company that most pharmacies will have it available behind the counter you just have to ask)
GIVEAWAY: (1) winner will receive one of the three BioGaia products: a 5mL bottle of drops, or a 30-count chewable tablet packet or a 30-count pack of straws.
WIN IT: Comment on what product of the three mentioned you think would work best in your household.

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