Zippity Doo’s Hair Care Review & Giveaway (Ends 4/9)

Two of my brothers are five and six years younger than me, so we were pretty close when we were young, mainly when it came to illnesses!  When one of us got something or brought it home from school, the rest of us got it.  Chicken Pox, colds, the flu, it was one after the other in my house.  Lice was no exception.  I don’t remember who had it first, but I remember my mom trying to rid of us of Lice and how awful it was.  I mean when you think of it, Lice is little insects in your hair, I am itching just thinking about it!
So now that I am a mom, I am seeing how my boys get sick at the same time and Aidan definitely has been catching colds from his classmates.  I am dreading the day when I hear someone in his class has lice!  Well now there is a new line of children’s products that help prevent head lice.
Zippity Doo’s products contain natural ingredients that are mild enough for daily use and yet still provide the health benefits to the hair and scalp.  Best of all it helps prevent lice infestation!  They are also paraben-free products.
The Zippity Doo line includes:
  • Zippity Doo’s Shampoo for children
  • Zippity Doo’s Conditioner for children
  • Zippity Doo’s  Leave-in Detangler Spray for children
  • Zippity Doo’s Styling Gel for children
  • Zippity Doo’s Shield Spray for children
The idea is to use Zipptiy Doo’s Shampoo and Conditioner at bath time as the first line of defense.  Then every morning use the Leave-In Detangler and Styling Gel for an added fresh layer of lice prevention before kids head off to school or camp.  Finally the Zippity Doo Shield Spray is great for all surfaces that could harbor lice, nits and other insects like hats, helmets, backpacks, pillows, bedding, toys, combs, clips, and other hair accessories.
Although lice has not been an issue yet for my boys, I think this is a great product overall.  I tried out all of them with Aidan and they work like the regular products, but secretly I know they will protect his precious head from lice!  I love that I can also just spray the shield spray on hard to wash items like hats and his bike helmet.  I know I will be glad I have this when I hear that a child in his class has lice.  Oh and all the products smell awesome!  I figure too that buying these products will save money in the long run too because I assume lice removal products are expensive and it is not a pleasant experience!  These products are also as I said great for everyday use in place of your child’s regular hair care products.
BUY IT: Zippity Doo’s can be found at many drug, grocery, and mass merchandiser stores, including, Value Drugs, and more.
GIVEAWAY: One winner will win one of each of the five products from Zippity Doo’s!
WIN IT:  Leave a comment on something your child brought home that you wish they wouldn’t have!


Risingsouth said...

My daughter brought home someone's tooth. Oh gross!

Risingsouth at verizon dot net

Blndesmartass said...

The worst thing my son ever brought home was a copperhead snake in a jar. He had added grass and a stick to make it feel at home He was only 5 at the time and I having no knowledge of snakes thought it was just a garden snake that people talk about. We kept it for 2 days until my brother-in-law came into my house and told me what I actually had on my kitchen counter. BYE BYE SNAKE

one frugal lady said...

My oldest daughter has brought home some creepy stuff in her time, but lately, it has gotten worse! Last week, she brought home a boy! UGGHHHH!

Dilem*mama said...

Thank good nes they've not brought lice home. (sounds of furious knocking on wood) My little one did bring home his lunchbox in November - left at school from the previous spring! EWWWWWWWW!

Darcie K. said...

My daughter is constantly bring home things she finds outside on the playground, like used straws. Eww. Gross!

Anjolcake said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Angela said...

My son love caterpillars! He also wants to bring rocks and mulch home all the time. No thank you!

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