Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!: Go For Gold

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Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!:  Go For Gold
DVD Release Date: February 16, 2010
Run Time: 81 minutes

Get Ready, Get Set, Go! In this athletic-themed collection, Wubbzy and his Friends learn all about teamwork, fair play and good sportsmanship. What happens when Wubbzy joins a hoopty-hoops team? Why is Wubbzy so upset about being small? How do Wubbzy’s friends prove that cheating at games is wrong? Michelle Kwan as Michelle Kwanzleberry and Tiki Barber as Touchdown Tiki star in this collection that takes the Gold!
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As always, Wubbzy has done it again!  This DVD is adorable!  Since my boys are little, we watched this instead of the Olympics and all of us enjoyed it.  The DVD’s lesson is to make sure  you are having fun when playing sports.  It also shows how there is no substitution for practicing as of course there are some high-tech gadgets involved!  I personally loved how the DVD used a real-life celebrity Michelle Kwan in the episode, which my sons had no idea who it was but it is a nice for parents watching along with kids.
Overall, this is a great and wholesome DVD for families to watch.  Wubbzy features great lessons and graphics.  It is 81 minutes long and perfect to watch an episode here and there or watch the whole DVD at one time.  There are also special coloring and activity pages and music videos to get kids in full Wubbzy mode!
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