iPhone / iPod Touch App Review: Snowboarding TnT

Snowboarding TNT gives you the most realistic snowboarding experience possible on the iPhone/iPod touch. Tilt your device left and right to maneuver through gates, around obstacles, over massive jumps, and to perform gnarly tricks. Race against time down 6 unique and challenging levels and perform over 30 different high flying tricks.
- 3D graphics showcases advanced capabilities of the iPhone.
- Perform over 30 big air tricks.
- Link tricks together to create custom combinations.
- Shred on 7 challenging courses from across the world.
- Obtain power-ups to increase your speed and score.
I love this game!  I love it when I can tilt my iPod Touch to play games and that is exactly what you do in this snowboarding app.  You choose the snowboarding level and slopes and start skiing.  It is so simple, but believe me it gets challanging!  It reminded me of any ski game, but especially the old school skiing one for windows (not sure why!) The graphics are nice and not at all cheesy or boring.  There are over 30 tricks you can perform while snowboarding, and you earn points for each.  You also earn points for catching items or weaving in and out of the flags on the course.
I am not sure who like it more than, me or my 3 year old!  Aidan loves Super Monkey Ball because you tilt the ipod to move but it is a little hard for him to get it going, with Snowboarding TnT there is no configuration settings or anything, just put the game on, choose your course, and go!  I would highly recommend this snowboarding game for anyone, especially since it is only $0.99!  I find myself playing this game just to beat my score and master cool tricks!
BUY IT:  You can buy Snowboarding TnT at the iTunes store for $0.99.
Mama’s Money Savers Disclosure:  I received this review as a member of the Game Review Network. Visit the site to win a copy of this app for yourself.  This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited by anyone.

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