First Years Bottom Care Diaper Rash Relief System Review & Giveaway (Ends 4/5)

One of the things that makes me feel so helpless as a mom, is diaper rash.  Luckily neither of my boys get it that much and it usually doesn’t last too long, but seeing there little bottoms all red and irritated, just makes me want to take their pain away.  I have tried a lot of creams and I haven’t had any problems and I can usually use any brand and their diaper rash will heal.  I know though that some kids have sensitive skin, are more prone to diaper rash, or some products just work better than others.
Screen shot 2010-03-13 at 2.53.52 PMFirst Years has created a new product that heals AND instantly soothes diaper rash!  Their Bottom Care Diaper Rash Relief System is doctor developed and works safely and naturally.  You just place a cooled (from the fridge) gel pack in a milk protein sleeve and place it on your child’s affected area for a short period of time.  The cooled gel pad cools the burn and instantly draws heat from the rash while the milk proteins in the sleeve start the healing. The sleeve is a soft cotton-like pouch that you just slip the gel pad into.
The Bottom Care system is great for discomfort, swelling, irritation and soreness associate with diaper rash.  I tried this with my little man and I thought he would freak out from the cooled pad, but he didn’t.  I cooled it in my fridge for 3 hours, placed it in the sleeve, and then in his diaper for twenty minutes and he was completely fine with it.  He only had a very slight rash when I tried this (of course because I wanted to review this he wasn’t getting bad diaper rash) and it seemed to heal it just fine.  There is also a Diaper Rash cream in the kit to protect your child’s bottom with a moisture barrier.  I think this is a really neat product because it is unique and 100% natural.
The Bottom Care Diaper Rash Relief System Includes:
  • 2 Reusable Gel Pads
  • 20 Disposable Treatment Sleeves
  • 1 trial size Soothing Diaper Rash Cream
BUY IT: You can buy the First Years Bottom Care Diaper Rash Relief System at Babies R Us for about $10.99.  You can also buy the Treatment Sleeve Refills for $7.99.
GIVEAWAY: 2 Winners will receive a First Years Bottom Care Diaper Rash Relief System.
WIN IT:  Comment on another First Years product that you like!


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