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So before kids I was a very organized person.  Now I am somewhat organized but in an all-over the house messy kind of way.  I hope it is just because I am dealing with toddlers that I am loosing it and when they are more self-sufficient I can start taking advantage of my brain again.
So now when we have something I need to add to the calendar I use iCal on our Mac.  The only problem is that I am not always on our desktop, nor is my husband, so it is basically like using a calendar but putting it in the back of a drawer!  So when I heard about Casa Blast, I was intrigued.  It is basically a family website where you can organize, manage and inform your family of events and appointments.
Casa Blast Features:
  • FamilyBlast:  Send a message to your entire family at once
  • Family Calendar:  Create a schedule for every member of your family
  • To-Do List:  Manage and Communicate to-do lists online, not on the fridge!
  • Access everywhere:  Access from any mobile phone or web connected PC
Now I think Casa Blast would be great for families with teens or even young children who have busy activity schedules.  Right now it is just my husband and me, so it is pretty simple to communicate between the two of us.  I can totally see the benefit though if you need to add something to a calendar and then want to send a message to your spouse and kids saying for example “Easter at Grandmas:  3PM.”  Using CasaBlast means everyone gets the message and even if they missed (deleted it) they can still check it.  Oh and did I mention the service is FREE, with no bothersome ads either!

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kp Libretto said...

This is awesome! I can never seem to get my man to remember important things... Now I can nag him through his phone without having to actually call him? Cool beans!

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