Win a $75 Blog Makeover

The last time we sponsored a blog makeover, we got over 200 entrants!
So duh, we're doing it again!
to celebrate the Grand Opening of Harriet And Friends on Wordpress.

The blog makeover will consist of the following;

1. Installation of a 3 column layout in blogger with one update within a week of the installation.
(see here to see what it will look like)
2. Your banner will be used and the colors of the blog will be matched to your banner.
3. A new banner can be made using an image that you provide . I am throwing this in at no extra charge!
4. Additional add-ons, such as signatures can be provided for a nominal fee.

5. Navigation and truncated posts with image inclusion are included.

This giveaway is a bit different this time.
You will need to go HERE to enter.


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