Holey Donuts Prize Pack Giveaway! (Ends 2/28)

One of my favorite foods in donuts, amongst other yummy pastries. I don’t eat them very much though because they are fattening, and I can never eat just one! Well Holey Donuts is exactly what I was looking for! They are a gourmet donut company that specializes in low-fat donuts! (And yes they are FDA approved and tested as low-fat) They are even hand-made through 22 steps from mixing, hand rolling, cutting, cooking (not deep-fried) and then decorated. Then Holey Donuts freezes them and ships them frozen via FedEx for the “ultimate, guilt-free treat!”

I haven’t tried these yet, but I will be soon! I am just trying to get rid of all the snacks we have in the house and make room in the freezer! Yes you do store these donuts in the freezer but then you follow the directions on thawing and warming.

By signing up for the Holey Donuts email mailing list you will receive special offers, free shipping, super private discount codes and most of all a chance to win this awesome giveaway!

GIVEAWAY: One lucky reader (out of all the blogs participating) will receive a Prize Pack of their very special February Love Assortment consisting of 4 boxes of our latest, best selling, super yummy Holey Donuts! Low Fat Treats and $250 Holey Donuts! store credit good for 1 year.

(Just a sample of how delicious their donuts look!)

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