Lavender Eye Collection from Everyday Minerals Contest- Ends 2/2

Most of you know I am a beauty product junkie and I am always looking at the latest and greatest product to try. So of course I jumped on the chance to try Everyday Minerals! This fantastic store offers you mineral makeup’s at more than half the price of the bigger names out there! I am in love with the items I have tried!

I was lucky enough to receive two blushes from Everyday Minerals. The first is a great going out blush, it’s a little more bold of a color and goes on with a matte finish. As I said, that one is a “going out” shade for me. I am not usually one to wear blush during my everyday makeup routine because I have naturally rosy cheeks, but the other blush they sent me is now part of my everyday wear! I love it, it is a super shimmery light color called Pink Ribbon. It offers a barely there color with shimmer that is great to wear all day everyday!! I am absolutely in love with it!

The last item I received was the Lavender Collection eye colors. Now, I am not usually a fan of purple. In the past when I have used it, it just made me look like I had a black eye. This, however, is splendid! Seriously, it goes on so smoothly and is sheer enough to not appear fake! It comes with a great little bamboo brush so you can always grab this and go and do your makeup on the run!

My absolute favorite thing about this makeup is they way it is stored. With other mineral makeup’s I have used, they are usually just poured into a container and you had no real way to dole out how much make comes on your brush. In my opinion that is a complete waste! With Everyday Minerals, you control exactly how much makeup you want on your brush, so there is no need to be wasteful. Hey, in today’s economy, every cent counts right?

Buy It! If you are a makeup lover like me you should definitely check out Everyday Minerals. They make a wonderful product that is much cheaper than many of the mineral makeup’s you will find. What is even cooler, with every purchase you make from them you can choose one of the “try me” kits absolutely free. There is a HUGE selection of every kind of makeup that Everyday Mineral’s offers to choose the free kit from.

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