How winners are chosen....

We love giveaways here at TheContestHub.
This is why we not only offer them, we promote them too.

After a giveaway that we have sponsored ends, there is a process that we follow. We get quite a few inquiries about the giveaways, so hopefully, this will clear things up.

Winners for our items are chosen randomly using the widget below (total random integer generator from and entering the total number of comments/entries.

The winning comment number is then checked to see if the entrant has fulfilled the full obligation of entering.

The winner is then notified using the method of notification they have used to leave a comment. This individual has 5 days to respond to the notification. If the individual does not respond, we will choose someone else.

Once the winner is verified, the post is deleted in entirety. This is done to prevent issues that we have encountered in the past.

The winner's name is added to our sidebar, unless they request that it is not. We respect the privacy of all of our wonderful guests. So, if you see your name on the sidebar as a winner, and you have not received any kind of winning notification from TheContestHub, you can be assured that there is probably someone else out there with a name similar to yours.


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