DVD Review & Giveaway: "Bob the Builder: The Best of Bob the Builder"

Bob the Builder: The Best of Bob the Builder


It’s the biggest building collection ever when Bob the Builder™: Best of Bob hammers onto DVD January 12, 2010 from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment. With 10 great episodes that feature nearly three hours of nuts and bolts action, aspiring builders can revisit their favorite adventures with Bob, Roley, Dizzy, Muck, Scoop and the rest of the Can-Do Crew. Ready to tackle any project, Bob the Builder and his machine team demonstrate teamwork, positive thinking and the importance of getting the job done right. Can they build it? YES THEY CAN!


It’s Bob at his best, along with Roley, Dizzy, Muck, Scoop and the entire Can-Do Crew! Enjoy 10 great episodes celebrating 10 years of building.


• Lofty to the Rescue
• Mucky Muck
• The House That Lofty Built
• Dizzy Goes Camping
• Bob’s Big Idea
• Roley’s Flat Garden
• Bob’s Big Plan
• Two Scoops
• Off Road Scrambler
• When Bob Became A Builder


• “On-Site: Trains” – A 30 minute never before seen feature – Join Bob and his Can-Do Crew for some full steam action as Bob’s world meets the real world in “On Site: Trains.” With Mr. Bentley’s birthday approaching, Mrs. Bentley asks Bob and the team to repair his model train set as a surprise. With footage from real-life railroad construction sites, the team learns the three important stages of the build: setting the foundation, laying the tracks and cleaning up. From recycling old rail ties, to welding the new tracks to creating a railroad crossing where cars and people can cross the tracks safely, there’s no job too big for the team to handle together. It’s all in a day’s work when you go On Site!

• “Building a New Bob: Ready! Steady! Build!” CGI Sizzler

• “Bob’s Machine Mix-Up Puzzle” DVD-ROM Game

• “If You Were on Bob’s Team” Game


Aidan has not seen too Bob the Builder and this DVD really was a great introduction to some Bob favorites. He really enjoyed watching Bob and his friends build and work together and he get’s really excited when he hears “Can we build it?” I thought the DVD was adorable and I especially love that it is 140 minutes of Bob-filled fun! I don’t even think we have made it through the whole DVD yet as Aidan always want to start from the beginning! This DVD is also an exceptional value of about $15! I think it would be great for both new and old Bob lovers!

Visit the Bob the Builder website for lots of Bob activities!

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