Busy Bee Baby Basics Floor Cushion Review & Giveaway (Ends 1/22)

I love anything handmade. There is just so much love and care that goes into making items that you know the item is going to be a high quality item. Well Ericka over at Busy Bee Baby Basics is no exception. She is a mom of two who has an addiction to baby “stuff” (blankets, burp clothes, bibs…) and decided to start making her own items. Now Ericka sells her adorable creations through her company Busy Bee Baby Basics with the slogan “Fun home made essentials for mom and baby!”

I received one of her Floor Cushions to review, and my boys actually fight over who gets to use it! Now the history behind the idea of her Floor Cushion is too funny not to mention. Ericka came up with the idea after seeing her daughter drag the dog bed all over the place and then play on it. Ericka decided to make her daughter her own “dog bed” but really it is a child-sized Floor Cushion. Now I can relate to Ericka’s story as my son’s love the dog bed over at my in-laws and I have contemplated actually buying them one! Now that we have the Floor Cushion though, they seem content with that.

Here is a picture of Aidan hanging out in the dogs bed last Christmas:

The Busy Bee Baby Basics Floor Cushion are first an awesome idea. Made with a washable outer cover that stays closed with Velcro, and they come in adorable fleece patterns. They are 25” in diameter and made from unbleached muslin, and filled with poly fiber fill. My boys love not only how soft the fleece cover is, but the cushion itself is super soft. What is funny is that when they are not lounging on the pillow watching television, they put a plush dog they got for Christmas on it! I highly recommend checking out her Floor Cushions, along with the other adorable Busy Bee Baby Basics items! I think her blankets and Art Smocks are super cute too!

BUY IT: Check out Busy Bee Baby Basics to see what’s available and make sure you use the promo code MOM to save 25% off your first regular priced purchase.

GIVEAWAY: Win a Floor Cushion of your choice!

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