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As a mother of 5 children, I know a bit about kids’ birthday parties. Starting in December, I have a child’s birthday every 2-6 weeks until June. It can be tiring (“One down, four to go!”) but it is also fun. I love to bake. I have discovered over the years that it is possible to have a fun, themed birthday party on a budget.

Last week, I received a package from Wilton that had my kids instantly squealing with glee. I admit I was drooling a little over the shiny, new bakewear. Necco declared that we now have a seven year supply of sprinkles (knowing my kids I will have to hide them if I want them to last a month!). My favorite product in the whole bunch was the brown, white, and black cow-shaped sprinkles. Is that not the funnest thing ever?

Wilton Baking Supplies

Reese can’t wait to throw a Princess-themed party in March with all of the decorations, pink and purple frosting & sprinkles.

AJ, on the other hand, has set aside the Car-themed party supplies for his big day in May.

I personally liked the circus themed products, so I declared today a party day, and we made cupcakes. Let’s just say that nobody complained.

Here’s the cupcake I decorated. Isn’t it cute?

Wilton circus birthday cupcake

The kids (including a few friends that were over to play) each decorated their own cupcakes. Emphasis on the plural.

My review: These birthday products were fast and easy to use, bright and colorful, and high quality. I loved the fact that the cupcake wraps were made out of non-tearing, sturdy material instead of flimsy paper (I was able to wipe the Cool Whip frosting off of the wrap I used above and put it on another cupcake). I was also happy to see that the products were very reasonably priced.

The Giveaway: Wilton has an identical package of birthday products to ship to one lucky reader of my blog!

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