Win a Steve Spangler Science Box full of fun!

Awesome and easy experiments to do with your kids! Win a kit including

  • Water Gel: My hubby got to play magician and surprise my son when he dumped water into the powder and went to dump it on his head...but nothing came out! It was a new fun toy for us to poke at instead!
  • Jelly Marbles: These tiny clear balls magically grow into bouncy and fun-filled jelly marbles!
  • Water Spikes: I liked watching these little plastic-feeling spikes grow larger and not quite so poky!
  • Water Cubes: This was my favorite one to observe over time because they changed differently than the others. Plus, I lost them once or twice in the water and thought hubby was playing a joke on me. 
  • Water orbs: I will be honest. I will probably not make as many at on time next time. My son has a cup in my car, a bowl in the kitchen that has been EVERYWHERE! He loved sticking his hand in the bowl once the teeny balls grew and squishing them. Okay, I did too!
  • Insta-Snow and Blizzard in a bucket: WAY too fun for the little ones, again my hubby got to play magician and make my son think he was throwing water on him....but it was snow!
  • Solar car: My almost-three year old was able to help put this together, and then he played with it outside for HOURS!
  • The Roomarang kept all of us, including my baby girl, entertained FOREVER! My husband and I started doing competitions, my daughter crawled back and forth trying to catch it, and my son still thinks we are the coolest people alive because we can do it. 
  • The bouncing bubble that just wouldn't pop. It was so cool to watch my son be able to play with a bubble and see it as something so new and different. He thought HE was the hero this time!
  • And finally.....the Mento's Geyser. You know you want to watch a bottle of soda explode. Who doesn't? 
Simply head here to enter!

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