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One thing I learned VERY soon about being a Mom is organization is key! I always considered myself an organized person till I met my little man for the first time. Then it seemed as if my world was turned upside down, and let’s face it, it was! Maybe in the most perfect, cuddly little package ever, but things went crazy there for a little while. Even now, with little man over two years old, I still feel as if I am sooo not organized. It drives me nuts. I am forever digging through my purse for that missing toy, his sippy cup, a diaper…where did I put the WIPES! Do you know how embarrassing it is to try and give someone your email address and pull out a lollypop? Yea, needless to say when I heard of Mrs. Smith’s Diaper bags from Whodathought I KNEW I had to contact them for the review! You want to talk about the most awesome organization tool a Mom of little ones can have? It’s THIS BAG!

First and foremost, this bag is stylish. It comes in wonderful prints and colors! I got this great copper one but I was also DROOLING over the Zebra print bag! You can easily convert this bag from a messenger bag to a backpack if you prefer that option.

The top portion of the bag offers ample space for the little necessities that we mothers need. The pacis, diapers, bandaids, wipes and your wallet and essentials all work perfectly here. Here is the coolest part of the bag in my opinion. It’s the bottom pull out drawer! For us it is just perfect for little mans snacks, sippy, and toys! Trust me this keeps me soooo much more organized, and everyday I use it, I appreciate it more and more! It also comes with a handy dandy diaper pad that my little man and I do not use. We are well on the way with potty training, he rarely has accidents….so any little bit of space I can spare I use!

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