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As a blogger I am approached from time to time to review an item and even offer that item as a giveaway on my blog. I will try the item out and give it my honest opinion. Well, I also want to talk about products and services that I haven't been asked to review. Sometimes there is something out there I really love or I really hate that I want to tell people about. I think my blog is a great place for it! There will be no schedule for when I do this...I'll just post whenever I feel like it. I can either give something a thumbs up, a thumbs down, or if I really like it a double thumbs up!

I am going to start out by giving out a BIG FAT thumbs down to Palmolive Eco Plus Automatic Dishwasher Detergent.

I decided to buy this detergent due to is eco claim and price. Growing up my mom used Palmolive, so it's a name I trusted. This stuff just plain SUCKS and it's nearly ruined my newer dishwasher. The soap doesn't dissolve like it should and it leaves a grainy grit on my dishes. I thought that there was an issue with my dishwasher itself, but we checked it out and it's this crappy soap. It's left a gunky build up on the heating element and clogged the rinse basket. We had to take the parts inside out and clean all the build up off of them. I googled this soap and I saw that it has an average of a 1 star rating at Epinions and several others have complained about this soap. I am glad I figured this out before my dishwasher stopped working all together. I am a frugal person and would normally freecycle something I don't care for, but this is so bad that I wouldn't wish it on anyone! In fact, Palmolive is no longer a trusted name in my house!!! I will be sharing my sentiments with Colgate-Palmolive after I publish this post. I encourage you to also!!

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Amanda R said...

I had a similar negative experience with this soap. Thanks for the review! I always find negative reviews helpful :)

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