Select Comfort Memory Foam Pillow Review & Giveaway (Ends 12/18)

You may have seen commercials or been in the store, but it is Select Comfort is famous for their Sleep Number beds. Those are the beds that you can adjust the firmness on each to a number between zero and 100 that represents the ideal combination of mattress comfort, firmness and support for you body, to give you the best night’s sleep possible. It does not use metal coils and springs like traditional mattresses, but rather uses uniquely designed air chambers to provide a gentle cushion of support.

I have been eyeing a Sleep Number bed for awhile now and even though they are expensive they do have some priced around $1,000. Since we sleep most of our lives anyway I figure I should try to get the best sleep, right? Now everyone cannot afford a Sleep Number bed, so they do offer other accessories to try to improve your quality of sleeping. They offer pillows, bedding and sheets, and mattress pads all with the excellent quality and craftmansip of Select Comfort products.

I received the best-selling Memory Foam Contour pillow from Select Comfort. It is allergy-free and provides contouring support for your head and neck. Now I have tried out a memory foam pillow before from another company and I didn’t like it at all, but the Select Comfort is the only company with GridZone foam. With GridZone foam the pillow has soft and flexible grid sections that move as you do and reshape quickly offering customized support in any sleep position. It is filled with durable viscoelastic memory foam and comes with a 75% cotton, 25% polyester velour zippered cover.

I was nice and decided to let my husband use this pillow since he is always complaining about our pillows. He loves it so much, I had to beg him to use it one night. It is so nice! You can use it right side up faced either way or upside down which leaves a nice spot for your arms if you’re a stomach sleeper. I also like that I only needed this one pillow as opposed to the two pillows I usually use. The pillow also comes with a 5-year limited warranty and is made in the USA. Oh and you can machine wash the cover, but the pillow can only be spot cleaned.

Watch a video review of the pillow from Select Comfort HERE

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GIVEAWAY: Winner will receive a Memory Contour pillow also!

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