Oprah-4 Steps to More Money-step 1

From Oprah.com

Make a budget.

Create a Realistic Budget

1. Track your actual expenses.
Find out what you've really spent over the past year. Create a spreadsheet that lists your actual expenses and get an average of food, housing, transportation and other costs.
2. Rethink what you're spending.
Now that you can see your actual expenses, decide where you really think you can or should cut back.
3. Compare your budget to the national average.
How does your budget stack up? Try comparing it toreal spending patterns of other Americans to see if your estimates are realistic.
4. Keep at it!
Your budget is a living thing, and it's always changing. Don't worry if you repeatedly can't stick to a certain item. You can always update the overall budget to reflect the way you're really spending your money.
When you're ready, you may want to seek out a financial adviser. Get the keys to building trust with your financial professional.

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