Giant Fortune Cookie Review & Giveaway (Ends 12/18)

Fortune Cookies are the best part of ordering Chinese Food, but for whatever reason that is the only time most people eat them. Well a company has taken a love for fortune cookies and maximized it to create giant fortune cookies! These Giant Fortune Cookies are not plain old either but are dipped and sprinkled in various flavors! They even come with special personalized message inside and wrapped in quality French-style cellophane.

I received a Giant Fortune to review and it actually came the day of my husband’s birthday. He was so excited when he saw it, but I could tell he hated to break it apart to eat because it looked so nice! Neither of us could believe though just how big it was and it took both of us two days to eat it. My sons also got a kick out of it, and their favorite part was the frosting. I am not sure which flavor it was but it was like a vanilla frosting with cinnamon crumbs.

These cookies would be a perfect gift or treat for any occasion and with all the flavors, there is bound to one for everyone! I think too this would make an especially cute Christmas gift, instead of the classic popcorn tins or chocolates. You also don’t have to worry about freshness as they are individually wrapped tight and baked daily. They cost about $30, which may seem high, but the quality and uniqueness is definitely worth it!

Giant Fortune Cookies is another company from the owners of Fancy Fortune Cookies that has been in the business of making and reliably delivering personalized gourmet fortune cookies since 1988 worldwide. Fancy Fortune Cookies is perfect if you are looking for a large quantity, for maybe a party or wedding, and want a certain flavor. They carry the small original fortune cookies but in some yummy flavors like: Black Raspberry, Chocoholic’s Delight, Old Fashioned Bubblegum, Cherry Bliss, Horseshoe Blue, Passion Fruit Punch and more! They range for about $50 for 100 cookies. You can though a sample back of three flavors for only $10, which I thought, was pretty cool!

BUY IT: You can buy Giant Fortune Cookies HERE and Fancy Fortune Cookies HERE!

GIVEAWAY: One winner will receive a Fortune Cookie of their choice!

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